Field Trips, FUNdraisers, Foot Prints & More!

Field Trips

Ideal for schools, daycares, churches, summer camps, rec centers, home school and more! These are our favorites, but we can customize a field trip for you!

  • Clay Dough Field Trip
    Many choices to choose from of our Cookie Cutter Clay Dough Shapes. $5 each

  • Tile Field Trip
    Create your own design on a 4 inch tile. We have stamps and stencils available to help, or draw your own! $8 each

  • Collectable Field Trip
    Choose from over 60 different figurines including animals, letters, crowns, tractors, cars and more. $8 each

  • Clay Field Trip
    Create your own masterpiece with wet clay! Build your own pinch pot, animal, letters and more, then paint same day! $8

Field Trip Discounts are for groups of 15 or more, in our studio or pottery to go field trip where you take it to your site.

Field Trips 2 Go

Field Trip To Go
Want a ceramic project to do at your school, daycare or church? We will pack up and provide the pottery, paint and brushes. Take it to your organization to paint, bring it back to us, we will fire it and have it back to you in 1 week!
Call us for special pricing!

We can bring the field trip to you with our instructors for an additional $25 fee or guaranteed minimum of 25 painters.


We are excited to announce FUNdraising opportunities for you to support your school, daycare, church or other non-profits. Create pottery for yourselves, as gifts, or as a new yearly tradition.

Price Based on Your Choice

15% to 40% of the pottery price will be donated back to your school!
Pottery can be Glaze & Fired or Take Today paints

Email us at for more information!

Fundraiser Ideas
Choose a plate, mug, bowl, picture frame, or a figurine. The ideas are limitless. Choose your pottery, we will donate up to 40% back to your organization.

Foot & Hand Prints

Ask our Team Members how to help you get the cutest foot or hand print from your little ones, or older kids also on pottery!

Clay Hand or Foot Prints

$25 for 2 hands/feet in clay
$18 for 1 hand/foot in clay
$35 for 3 hands/feet in clay

We will help you get the prints in clay, then we will fire it and it will be ready to paint in 3-4 weeks. Pickup 1 week after painted.

Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts are Welcome At Hearts of Clay!

Daisies: Tiles & Smiles: Each Daisy draws a flower on a 6” tile using transfer paper, paints & decorates it. $15 a Daisy

Girl Scouts: Ceramics & Clay badge: Paint a 4” tile using stencils and stamps, then using wet clay, make a pinch pot & an animal. Learn the history of clay or watch a mold being poured.
$30 a Scout

Ornament Parties: Bring the troop in to start the holiday season! Each girl gets to paint a round ornament for their tree! $15 a Scout. You can also pick flat ornaments starting at $5 each if you prefer.

Always Fun party: Anytime of the year, let the girls pick from over 60 different Collectables, our figurines, including: dogs, cats, frogs, crowns, trucks, initials, the list goes on! $10 a Scout.

All Girl Scout events are held in a private party room, refreshments welcome! 1.5 hours unless otherwise noted.

$25 party room fee no refreshments
party room fee with refreshments

Pottery 2 Go

We offer Pottery 2 Go for your home, church, school or daycare!

You can click our link below and it will take you to our online store. There, some of our most popular pottery can be paid for, we will pack up the pottery, paint, instructions and brushes in a to go box or bag.

Choose your color palette - brights, pastels, or earth tones. We will include one set of 6 colors per glaze & fire project. Brushes are included, we ask that you bring them back with Glaze & Fired pottery.

Return pieces to be Glazed & Fired OR choose our Take Today paints with no return necessary.

Paint Palette Choices

Choose from our Rainbow Brights, Earth Tones or Pretty Pastels for your Pottery 2 Go paint Glaze & Fired pottery.

We Teach Pottery Wheel Classes!

Classes are for beginners, by appointment only, and includes an instructor-led class.

You, the potter, will have the instructor show you how to use the wheel by forming a bowl. You will then be able to create your own masterpiece on the wheel. Space is limited to 6!

No experience needed!

Ages 18 and up $35 for 1 piece or $55 for 2 pieces each potter
Ages 12-17 $25 for 1 piece of pottery

We will call you after the first firing for you to come back and paint. Then we will fire it a second time.

Those who serve, Save!

Did you know that we offer 10% off your pottery with your Military ID? Fire & Police Included!

We also offer 10% off your pottery with your ID if you are a nurse or a teacher!

Fun FAQ’s About our Studio

What if I'm not artistic?

Here's a secret - you don't need to be! We have tons of cool tricks, tips and amazing techniques that will help your art work come out just the way you want it. The fun part is in getting to make it yourself!

Do I need a reservation?

Never! Our studio is open during regular hours for anyone who wants to come in and do art.

Do you have a sitting fee or a studio fee?

No, our prices are all inclusive of studio time, supplies and firing. You are welcome to create for as long as you want. If you are unable to finish your project in one visit we will pack it up for you to bring back another day to finish at no extra charge.

How long does it take to get my pottery back?

Pottery painted off the shelf is ready in one (1) week. We do not call unless we need more time to fire. Glass Fusion is ready within ten (10) days. Clay is fired based on when it is completely dry, sometime within 2-4 weeks. We will call you when you clay is ready. Rush fees can apply for shorter turn around. Some pieces are available to take home the same day with our Take Today Paints.

Can I bring in pottery I bought elsewhere to paint/fire?

Hearts of Clay guarantees its fired pieces. If anything goes wrong, we will replace the piece at no charge. Since we cannot be sure of products that are purchased elsewhere, we would not know whether or not they are compatible with our process or if there is a flaw in the production of the piece. Therefore, we would have to fire outside pieces by themselves and charge accordingly. We would also only be able to fire them if there is room in our schedule to devote a full kiln load to the piece(s).

Do you offer repairs on older or broken pottery?

Much has changed over the years in painting pottery, the glaze, the clay bodies and more. We have no way of knowing what may happen if we try to refire your sentimental pieces so we do not recommend it.

Find us in Westgate Crossings

660 Spartan Blvd, Ste 20
Spartanburg, SC 29301
Located between Rack Room Shoes and Joann Fabric


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